New AA Methods for POV-Ray

This pages are about an unofficial version of POV-Ray which provide additional anti-aliasing methods.

Description of the new methods.

download POV-Ray 3.1-aapatched linux executable (339kB)
download (unix) source for aapatched POV-Ray 3.1 (760kB)

I cannot provide Windows or Macintosh executables as I do not have these operating systems accessable.

Note: This is an unofficial version of POV-Ray!

You can contact me (Micha Riser) at for any feedback and questions.

Test scenes

Scene 1 (concentrical b/w circles)
Scene 2 (thin lines)
Scene 3 (small dots)
Scene 4 (checker plane)
Scene 5 (brick wall)
Scene 6 (real scene)

Test conclusions

to be written..